Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet and Greet | On Air Nagaswarafm

Last sunday Im visiting radio Nagaswara at Bogor, actually Im accompanied by one of the fame songwriter, he actually very humble person.. Thanks so much for mas Bemby Noor!
at this event I meet hundreds people.. I love to see them all, having a new friends.. fans are for me is the most important part of my career.
It was just too fun, Im presenting my 2 single "Terimalah Taubatku' and 'Pelangi Hati' ,played acoustic version by mas Bemby, aaw its different touch. Unfortunately I havent much documentation at this moment. These are the only photos I taken byself, hahha... Im wearing my own made outfit, yea the vest, the bronze trousers that I've made by self.
Poster Designed by: Siti Juwariyah
hundreds poster I've signed

Thanks mas Bemby! for accompanied


  1. mantap.... makasih yah... boleh kunjungi terus websitenya http://www.nagaswarafm.com

  2. hai sis... saya dari malaysia...hehhee..
    sis, saya terjumpa sis dlm friend siti juwariyah...sy onterest dgn SATURDAY... sis kamu nih penyanyi yer...?? suara sedap.. like it!