Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~ a Journey (short clip) by InaRovi

Hahha, Im not the expert of doing this kind of editing clip

this is my 1st project, just for fun..

Hopes u enjoy


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hijabers Community Highlight

Ohh this is a week to go to "Hijabers Community" Launch event, whew.. we've done meeting to meeting, can u imagine this whole event were doing by all women! hahaha... Im sssooo excited.. we all actually doin this based on our good intentions to the hijabi, we hopes for some unity.. no judgement among fellow the moslem, all here we hope is supports, share everythings about the women things and the hijab accordance aqidah InsyaAllah (together we learn and share) with Bismillah.. keep Husnudzon (positive mind) Hopes to see y'all soon! *kissyhuggy

Ilustration: Mr. Mulky Aulia
Video shooting & editing by Dian Pelangi's husband (mas Tito)
and Thanks for taking my 2nd single 'Pelangi Hati' as a soundtrack
this song actually dedicated to HijabersCommunity,
Loves y'all!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

a moment duets with CongQ (was my producer)

Okey, I remember when I and (was) my producer 'CongQ' had a duets at one of private political event (Demokrat).. well this is actually just for fun, its a spontaneous duets, never been practice before.. we just tried to improvise it, hahhaa.. This actually one of CongQ's single entitled 'Malaikat Cinta' ..he has an awesome voice, he's a vocal director and the finalist of Indonesian Idol 2007. So glad having this opportunity..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Simply Wear


I just got home, after I had completed all the activities for today. Well.. today Im just doin some casting for a movies from one place to others, and this is the first time I accompanied by a friend, its ssoo fun when ur just sitting beside and not driving, so I can do chat, twitter, msn, ym. Hahaha... actually, today Im so excited cause suddenly I got the opportunity from some directors for their movie, hm just may your wish gurls..

Oh ya.. today Im wearing my new hijab that I made by own, whew its quite long time Im not doin a product to my own label, cause the limited time I had.. and you know what? its been a week everyone keep ask about my headscarf, I guess it might because this is a new style that I wore. So after doin the activities I tried to took some pic. Wanna have them too? Actually, at begin I made this for myself but when people pushing me, so yeaa I decide to produce, but so sorry it is limited, Im doin 5 piece for each colour. Ahh so sorryy... I wish I cud do more one day

Wanna have them too? its only for 85.000IDR. Check out and Enjoy. Happy shop gurls


Yeay, accompanied by a friend!
The scenario

Checkin my Boutique
at my boutique "Inna Moslem Fashion"
the hijab (front)
the hijab (side)
In 6 variety colours | Only for 85.000 IDR
To Order : (+62) 817 0133 122 (SMS Only)
So sorry, Its all now sold out
Catch'u up when Im doin another one

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just mixy

Actually I didnt really have any interest to taking fashion photos, just like any other fashion blogger supposed to be, their put the fashion pic sssoooo cute and catchy! hahhaa... well now, I try my 1st fashion post through this simple capture and scrap.

It is about my new pashmina that I bought from a friend, I love this one.. the fabric, the motif and the colour mixy with my new royal throne necklace. Soo cute isnt?!