Friday, December 10, 2010

A New Responsibility of life


Actually, this blog has long been established, but I removed all the posts and just left the post after I finally got the hijab.

I stepped forward one by one, stepping up all the previous .. not to be forgotten, but being the source of my life to learning. Alhamdulillah.

As my previous story about "Nikmatnya Berhijab" (The Joy that remained in Hijab) almost a year now Im sticking my hijab, And what I've got? Right after the launch of my simple boutique, there is 1 more responsibility for my career experience. Right around after 3 months, a friend who work as an executive composser in one of the record label in Indonesia AQUARIUS 'CongQ Perwira', he offered me to sing his own song was entitled "Terimalah Taubatku" ,and when first time I read the lyrics, I hold my heart, as if though this song helped me telling my heart insides by the words, the contents is about begging the will of Allah forgiveness for mistakes those blinding my eyes before. Then, I spontaneously received an offer.

Despite it can be say a rapid process, but the process is much temptation to be overcome, obstacles and derision from some parties and no convictions of several parties with my presence as a singer defending the hijab. A lot of sensitive things that must be passed.

With confidene, good faith and inner strength pleading, ultimately the process is one by one succeeded. And the single unexpectedly enter the ranks of senior musicians compilation "Compilation Hits Religion Nagaswara". Coinciding with Ramadhan the album has released, under the auspices of one of Indonesia's largest music labels 'NAGASWARA', Alhamdulillah.

Click to Watch the Video:

The 1st single is arguably based on the initial project with the sincere, natural and not just about a business music industry, but much deeper than that ... 'Voicing' to experience I've ever had. I hope it could bring the good benefit to the listeners.