Friday, January 21, 2011

Straight From The Heart

Just read the twitter update of Puput Melati (one of the senior singer in Indonesia) about the existences of hijabi singer in Indonesia ,she wrote this "Tentang perempuan hijab berkarya di musik ,pendapat sahabat bagaimana?" (About the women wearing hijab, work in music.. How ur opinion, friends?) ,there I was intrigued to response. Though no doubt being a hijabi singer needs more effort than others to be recognized in the Indonesian music scene, but as I have said before "a noble things indeed need to be struggle" so, why not?

Popularity is not my goal, bring the good benefits to others was the main. Thats why, my two songs is about the social issues that expected bring the good motivation to me and others, and I tried going to stay that way, Amiin.

For me, art is always been my life, I born and was always loving an arts. So this is what I called the hobbies from the heart. And the Hijab? it would not going to stop my steps. Cause hijab is my personal thing to God, this is not "the matter", this is the personal right.

And for all of these,.. there will be no value if it doesnt provide something good to others, hopes my music, the substance, the sincerity of arts, you enjoy all over it.

With love

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The making 2nd single "Pelangi Hati"

Finally, after my 1st single "Terimalah Taubatku" has promising chance, now Im coming to release the 2nd single "Pelangi Hati".

This single, again.. created by CongQ Perwira ,I interpret the 'Pelangi Hati' ; Pelangi/Rainbow and Hati/Heart , 'Rainbow' as a variety of colors but still become an integral and beautiful parts. In this vclip which directed by Hedy Suryawan, here we tried to lift the depiction is through reflection on my friendship that called Hijabers Community, which involves us as a founder of society itself. We who have the background and activities of each activity, but we always put our friendship in the 'Heart'.

Salute to Hijabers Community that are not only beautiful, but also smart, independent, unpretentious and has its own beauty. Thanks so much for supporting me this far and ofcourse to prayer and the spirit that build confidence in my strength.

Although in Indonesian music scene the singer who defends her hijab requires hard effort, but I hope the sincerity in music may continue to be taken and give the good benefit for the listeners. Amiinn.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

aku, Engkau dan mama

Malam pergantian tahun, tergores sebuah tulisan disini... tapi ragu. Karena jujur rapuh.. ketika kembang api mulai sepi dan tinggal kami berdua, duduk berdampingan, untuk kali pertama hati sesak..., jelas dimataku seorang Ibu yang tidak pernah sedikitpun dalam ucapnya meragu. Tapi kali ini, dengan tetesan airmata, Mama.. berucap "Tahun ini Alhamdulillah mama masih ada disamping kamu, dan semoga mama masih bisa mendampingi hingga kamu menikah" (spontan aku memandang kearah kamar, melihat papa yang sudah terlelap, dan terbaring setelah 7th lebih kami tidak lagi bisa ber-komunikasi)