Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet and Greet | On Air Nagaswarafm

Last sunday Im visiting radio Nagaswara at Bogor, actually Im accompanied by one of the fame songwriter, he actually very humble person.. Thanks so much for mas Bemby Noor!
at this event I meet hundreds people.. I love to see them all, having a new friends.. fans are for me is the most important part of my career.
It was just too fun, Im presenting my 2 single "Terimalah Taubatku' and 'Pelangi Hati' ,played acoustic version by mas Bemby, aaw its different touch. Unfortunately I havent much documentation at this moment. These are the only photos I taken byself, hahha... Im wearing my own made outfit, yea the vest, the bronze trousers that I've made by self.
Poster Designed by: Siti Juwariyah
hundreds poster I've signed

Thanks mas Bemby! for accompanied

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I called it: Pengajian with Style | Spring Theme


Hey its Spring! .., it is actually the #1st Islamic study that HijabersCommunity be held.. and like usually HijabersComm always has their own way making something so special just to meet the hijabi's,.. I called it "Pengajian with Style" .Well... so sorry I cant take any pictures about this Islamic study at the inside cause I tried to respect the core of this event. Here are the event coverage I can give you as a souvenir, hiihhi.. Enjoy.

The invitation
Designed by: Siti Juwariyah

The Spring theme decoration by: Dian Pelangi

Friday, April 8, 2011

event to event

After I and my friend Noria Hasibuan attended the private fashion event 'Louis Vuitton Summer Spring 2011 womens-ready-to-wear designed by Marc Jacobs' ,then we run to a premier movie "?" (tanda tanya) directed by Hanung Bramantyo.
Here I wore the spring dresscode for the Louis Vuitton event, hahhaa.. actually I do rare wearing kind of this bright tone color, but I tried to make myself comfortable wearing this outfit.
At the premier, I also came with Dian Pelangi, Ola Fadly and Kara rahmamitya.
W'e've invited by Saskia Adya Mecca, there I also met some of familiar people, been so much fun meet one of the actor in this movie Reza Rahadian. Whew he has a stunning act in this movie. Oh I admire him! hahhaa.. and so do the girls! lol

(Up: with Reza Rahadian , Down: with Saskia and her mom)

Goes to Padang

2 april 2011, that day becomes a very historic moment for Ria and Pandu.. us as the delegation of HijabersComm goes to Padang to attend this lovely event "Ria & Pandu" wedding day.

There such an unique wedding, total concept of traditional wedding of Padang. Padang was such treated us so good with the best food, the most menu that I love is... ES DURIAN!! hahha, it is absolutely special! slrrppp....

Summary Coverage of the event Hijabers Community Launch


Hi, sorry for the late post after the HijabersComm launch event was succesfully be held, Alhamdulillah.. actually I didnt taking a photos of the event, cause Im here responsible of the whole event, so I had to focus on the implementation of the event.
But here, Im trying to collect a summary of the event photos that I got from some random sources. Thanks for the lovely people I met random who did taking this very good shot of the event. *Hugs

For the complete photos event, you can check out on Siti Juwariyah and Puput Utami blog