Sunday, February 27, 2011

Till I said "Im done"

Last two day I wrote via twitter about how the role of 'Hijab' in Indonesia, it was begin from my concern with the fate of hijabi women basketball player at Maryland which prohibits follow the game and eventually the little girl was able to fight their right. And then.. how in Indonesia?

Oh, dont know whats underlines this feeling... when everytime Im around my entertainment life, I feel seemed detached by the people. Those eyes everytime I walked through them, they're looking at me like saying "who's that girl? Oh she's singer? Oh.. let see what she can do". Ouch or is it just my feeling? Well no.. it did happen to me. when people seemed force me to release my headscarf, and without hesitation to say it straight on my face. Oh why? In Indonesia which majority society is muslim, why dont we just walked together in a row. Is there any rules that forbid?

Well, however I tried to understand it.. maybe it just about a habit, when people not used to see a women wearing hijab being attractive or working as a singer with hijab, here in Indonesia. Whereas in fact, there's many hijabi women in Indonesia that has lots of variety talents, and there is limited media would raise about this achievement.

But I would not worry for it, it's became my trigger InsyaAllah. Keep raise my head and move. With Bismillah, I would try my best showing and proving that the women wearing headscarf have the same advantage with others. Till when? maybe till I said "Im done".

Keep shine y'all Hijabi lady! ( ˘ з(˘o˘)♥

Friday, February 18, 2011

1st moment at "Bukan 4 Mata"

For the first time, I've finally been invited to attend one of the highest-rated television programs in Indonesia. Its an honor for me to become one of the guest star, cause not a random ppl who could be invited at this event.

Here, I brought my 2nd single "Pelangi Hati" and has interviewed regarding the Hijabers Community. I hope through this event (one of part of my promo single) I can socialize both in single file.

at the backstage (makeup room), makesure the appearance

Inarovi, Opick (best senior religion singer), Zahira (the new comer religion group singer)