Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Simply Wear


I just got home, after I had completed all the activities for today. Well.. today Im just doin some casting for a movies from one place to others, and this is the first time I accompanied by a friend, its ssoo fun when ur just sitting beside and not driving, so I can do chat, twitter, msn, ym. Hahaha... actually, today Im so excited cause suddenly I got the opportunity from some directors for their movie, hm just may your wish gurls..

Oh ya.. today Im wearing my new hijab that I made by own, whew its quite long time Im not doin a product to my own label, cause the limited time I had.. and you know what? its been a week everyone keep ask about my headscarf, I guess it might because this is a new style that I wore. So after doin the activities I tried to took some pic. Wanna have them too? Actually, at begin I made this for myself but when people pushing me, so yeaa I decide to produce, but so sorry it is limited, Im doin 5 piece for each colour. Ahh so sorryy... I wish I cud do more one day

Wanna have them too? its only for 85.000IDR. Check out and Enjoy. Happy shop gurls


Yeay, accompanied by a friend!
The scenario

Checkin my Boutique
at my boutique "Inna Moslem Fashion"
the hijab (front)
the hijab (side)
In 6 variety colours | Only for 85.000 IDR
To Order : (+62) 817 0133 122 (SMS Only)
Email: inarovi@gmail.com
So sorry, Its all now sold out
Catch'u up when Im doin another one


  1. wow lovely outfit!
    likes ur hareem pant mbak ina..
    di jual jg gak?hehe

  2. i have just follows you.. :)
    Adimire you hijab wearing babe..
    yOu' guys also look really2 gojezz..