Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hijab Story (My Version)

This video I created for you,.. my muslimah friends, specially womens wearing hijab (we called Hijabers) Coincides with I published a book about "Optimize Your Hijab Style". Here I put some inspiring source of neighborhood and friends.

Hopefully this video could inspire you, to keep the faith and find the benefit of Hijab.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day Dream Fantasy

Im wearing skirt by Aprilia
Blazer by Inarovi

Ocean Dreaming

Wardrobe by Aluyya

Ocean Freedom

Wardrobes Covered by Aluyya
Scarf by Aluyya and Kaffah
Thanks to the Designer: Lulu El Hasbu and Dian Ayu

Had So Much Fun (Behind The Scene)

Hahahha, awal ngeliat keseluruhan file foto yang kekumpul, langsung catchy banget ngeliat ulah tingkah keisengan kita waktu itu, buat gue foto itu ga selalu harus beauty shot atau keren2an, tapi justru shot the moment in -nya yang bikin foto itu hidup, 'ambiance' ketika itu, the silly face of us, a moment we closed to each other, thats the real purpose of documentation, aight?... we REALLY DO HAD SO MUCH FUN at the time! Lovelove you Besties! (Lulu el Hasbu,Siti Juwariyah,Dian Ayu)